Xinvest Quantity Surveying was founded in July 2014. With over 2 decades’ experience in the industry, our close-knit team of AIQS CQS is known for their extensive knowledge, passion, and reliability – making us very well respected in the field.

Xinvest was often recognised and recommended for its expertise – simply more and more homeowners and investors who aspired to start their own construction or development projects would approach us for advice. They usually had the dream in mind, but lacked the clarity or direction to efficiently manage the project and cost themselves.

This demand sparked the idea for Xinvest Quantity Surveying – and the company has grown from strength to strength ever since. 

Our CQS team has many reasons to love their career – a diverse, tangible and forward-thinking profession. It’s provided the opportunity to expand their knowledge about construction, engineering, and architectural design – as well as mathematics, economics, accounting, and contract law.

This position has also enabled us to work on various interesting and challenging projects, plus meet different people in the industry and wider community. 

But above all, our team enjoys helping shape the clients’ requirements and dreams on paper and turning them into a reality.