Bills of Quantities (BOQs)

Itemising your materials and labour in an accurate and meaningful format for your prosperous construction project

Xinvest specialises in the preparation of Bills of Quantities (BOQ) – a document itemising the quantities of materials and labour required in a construction project. Our detailed measurement process assures the BOQ to be presented in an accurate, specific, efficient and effective format.  This plays a significant role in reducing post-tender work such as material scheduling, construction planning, cost analysis, and cost planning.

This is precisely measured from design drawings and used by the contractors or subcontractors for tendering, progress payments, variations and changes. Ultimately, it’s necessary for statistics, taxation and valuation purposes.

During the process, we will


Establish and set up a measurement (software) system


Describe, measure, signpost and quantify items

Sort items into an appropriate sequence
Add preliminaries, trades and subsection headings
Add ‘rates to include’ and other pricing and measurement preamble clauses
Add item references
Add elemental and other analysis codes

“Such fantastic experience working with Xinvest Quantity Surveying over the last two years! Your impeccable knowledge and skills in description, measurement of trade sections and quantification of items in our tenders have been so impressive.  We really appreciate your enthusiasm for sharing your knowledge with us.”


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