Construction Cost Planning

Clarify your project’s cost objectives & parameters to achieve strategic goals

When it comes to construction cost planning, our specialists can manage the budget creation process at every stage of your project’s development.

This includes cost control through the design process, and later through the procurement and construction phases.

With extensive market knowledge and deep understanding of evolving measurement rules and methods, we offer clients professional, timely, and accurate advice through regular communication.

To ensure client’s optimal return on investment, our experienced team will define the project’s life stages, outline the desirable milestones, and prepare ways to monitor the project to double-check all boxes are being ticked.

Reliable initial cost estimates

Our team offers reliable, indicative cost estimates to help you craft the right strategies and make crucial due diligence decisions during the early phase of a development.

We achieve this via an established process of collecting, analysing, and evaluating data from our accurate and extensive benchmark database.

Maintain project budgets with regular cost management and value engineering 

As your design progresses, we’ll ensure you stay on top of your project budgets through regular reviews.  

We will:

  • analyse the design construction details
  • evaluate design solutions provided by design consultants
  • suggest costeffective solutions
  • compare and recommend appropriate design solutions
“This has been and continues to be an exceptional team with exceptional expertise and commitment. Your cost plans have been presented in an accurate, consistent and informative format which have been definitely useful for our decision making! We know without a doubt that your firm’s reputation and influence will grow!”


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