Feasibility Studies

Managing risks and expectations of project outcomes with confidence

Our team at Xinvest, with expert knowledge, experience and softwares, we know first-hand how to prepare a comprehensive feasibility study for your next construction project.

This is an essential systematic risk management process involving:

  • Highlighting potential problems
  • Generating and analysing alternatives, and
  • Building an appraisal

Overall, feasibility studies help evaluate and determine whether a project should proceed – then putting together a defined plan to ensure its viability functionally, technically and financially within existing and future regulatory and policy frameworks. Wider economical aspects, environmental issues, and/or social issues may also be considered.

     What’s Involved?

         As part of the study, we will


    Establish project objectives and parameters – based on communication with you and other consultants involved


    Access, evaluate, and analyse relevant data 


    Prepare implementation and procurement plans


    Define project stages and outcomes of each stage


    “When we worked with the Xinvest team, we did not just “hire an expert of feasibility models”! We took on a partner in our business who truly cared about our goals, our aims, our strategies and our success. Xinvest made us feel so comfortable with the way of their dealings throughout the entire process of our project.”

    Phil LEE

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